Why diamonds



  • They are a tangible investment
  • They are the only gemstones to have a reliable certification system and an official price list published internationally (Rapaport Diamond Report and Idex Diamond Price Report)
  • Their value is more stable compared to other precious stones thanks to important manufacturers such as De Beers who host rough diamonds’ Sights for very few dedicated “Sightholders” who will cut the stones and place them in the international stock market.
  • Diamonds require no management fees or warehousing.
  • They are redeemable all over the world in a short time (provided they have an international guarantee certificate).
  • They are anonymous products and do not generate taxable capital gain (in Italy).


  • Diamonds is a discreet and transportable investment that combines high intrinsic value with small size and weight.
  • They are considered an ethical investment as the diamonds we supply are “Conflict Free” which means that they have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with the United Nations resolutions.
  • Diamonds are precious, rare and prestigious objects that we can “enjoy” in the period of while we own them.

HOW TO PROTECT OUR SAVINGS? In a scenario of global economic crisis and recession, our first aim is to protect our savings. Investing in diamonds means to invest – for as long as we wish – a part of our savings for the next 10 years in order to limit the impact of inflation and devaluation, as well as political crisis or natural disasters. It is also a mean not only to avoid any temptation to speculate and provide us with a form of personal life insurance but also to guarantee our off spring a tax free capital. To possess high intrinsic value safe havens such as diamonds especially in those times of uncertainty is therefore to be considered as a viable option/solution to protect our savings.

DIAMONDS MARKET: THE TREND IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS There are a number of reasons why both the forecast and the trend in the diamonds market are looking positive and optimistic for the coming years. Diamonds are a limited resource: old mines are running out and no new mine was discovered. In the past, in order to obtain a pure diamond of about one carat it was necessary to extract 250 tons of kimberlite; today the quantity needed is almost doubled. There is a constant increase in the cost of labour and safety (of the mines) as well as in the cost of diamond cutting. The demand for rough diamonds especially by China and India and Middle East is constantly rising, despite the worldwide recession. In the past years the price of diamonds has shown a constant yearly growth of +6%.


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