Diamonds Conflict free & Internationally Rated


About Us. Davisgioielli Group 1962 is a company that operates in the international trading market of natural diamonds. Our company was launched in 1962 when its founder decided to combine his many years of experience as a gemmologist and goldsmith with his expertise as a skilled diamond cutter. Our first step was to enter into partnership with the premier diamond bourse in the world, “Beurs Voor Diamanthandel of Antwerp”, knowing that to be part of this federation is the best guarantee and assurance of a high quality service and professionalism.

Davisgioielli Group 1962 is based in Trieste, once the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; we are well connected with world major stock exchanges, Antwerp , Tel Aviv and Hong Kong and can guarantee an ample supply of diamonds of the highest quality. Thanks to our team’s expertise and knowledge we can provide our customers with detailed information and guarantees on the origin, nature and quality of our product.


Our Mission. Our main purpose is to offer the highest quality product at a competitive price to meet our customers’ needs and requirements and to build a relationship based on mutual trust. After reviewing the specific needs and investment objectives of any prospective client, Davisgioielli Group 1962 will make clear recommendations and advise on potential solutions. After that, we act immediately to find either internally or through our international network what requested by our clients to whom we provide a complete service that extends to the possible relocation of the stones on the market.

We provide consulting services, to build plan investments according to goals and budgets selected by our customers. Rooted throughout the country, our company provides also brokerage services for the purchasing of any certified Diamond, for investors who want to add Diamonds to their portfolio of investments in order to increase their profitability, diversification and stability. As we consider our clients as partners, it is our primary interest to advise them in order to enable them to make the right purchase, a purchase that would suit their needs.

Our Philosophy. Our philosophy is to offer diamonds not in the light of an investment but more as a form of protection of savings. These days we are going through a scenario of global economic crisis. Some European countries – including Italy, are in great difficulty with a high public debt and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in suffering.

The first objective of a wise investor is therefore to protect his savings and today buying loose diamond is considered an advisable and convenient form of investment. Among the options of the diversification of investments, diamonds represent a real opportunity as they are considered a safe haven ‘par excellence’ especially in a period of high volatility in financial markets and a high quotation of gold.  



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