Natural and lab grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds: are they forever?
“Natural diamonds are a limited resource – the earth is not making more of them”
Value based on rarity, not composition In terms of chemistry lab grown and natural diamonds are basically the same. The main difference between a lab grown diamond and a naturally formed diamond is time – a lot of time. Some of these natural diamonds are up to more than a billion years old. There’s never going to be that comparison of rarity between a natural diamond, which is quite rare. A lab grown diamond can be produced in high quantities. The result of the increased production of these diamonds, which is already occurring, is that synthetic diamond is becoming less expensive.

“Ask yourself how much will it cost to produce a synthetic diamond in twenty years? And what will be the value of a synthetic diamond bought today in twenty years? Let’s all think about it”.
Furthermore it isn’t true that lab grown diamonds cannot be distinguished from natural ones.
  • The nature of inclusions in a natural diamond differs from the types of inclusions found in a synthetic diamond.
  • We can see whether a diamond came from the lab by shining a light through it. Natural diamond it’s more than just a gemstone, it’s the incredible journey a diamond had to go through before reaching your ring finger.
There are Five Key Differences Between Natural And Lab-Grown Diamonds
  1. Natural Diamonds And LGDs Have Different Emotional Values. Natural diamonds are billions of years old – a miracle of nature created under enormous pressure about 100 miles below the earth’s surface.
  2. Natural Diamonds And LGDs Have Different Financial Values. Due to their rarity, natural diamonds have significant financial value. There is perhaps no other resource that has maintained its value as long as natural diamonds. And that value is growing.
  3. Natural Diamonds And LGDs Are Actually Different Products. While diamonds created naturally in the earth and manufactured LGDs can look similar to the naked eye, there are significant differences that are easily detected with testing equipment.
  4. Natural Diamonds And LGDs Have Different Environmental impacts. The chemical reactors used to manufacture all LGDs over half a carat burn at a scorching 14,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Natural Diamonds And LGDs Have Different Origins. While it may be obvious that natural diamonds come from the earth and LGDs come from factories, that’s only part of the origin story.

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